Salient Features
» Newly built building.
» To Inculcate discipline in little children.
» Effective English speaking from the start.
» To develop their all round total personality.
» Trained and experienced staff.
» Modern well planned Computer Lab.
» Stress on quality education.
» Games 4 play grounds.
» Elaborated Library.
» Best facilities for the Pre-primary students.
» Transportation Facility.
» First Aid Medical facility.
» Limited Seats
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Chairman Desk
The world scenario is changing rapidly due to liberalization and globalization, the teaching methodology followed by the most of the main stream school is tiring. The focus is more on memorizing than enhancing the students analytical skills. The academic curriculum is very rigorous leaving no room for extra curricular activities. In order to bridge this gap, an endeavour has been made to establish an educational institution J.P.S. which is equipped with state of the art infrastructure. The Management, the principal and the staff is working towards the all round development of students with an equal emphasis on academics & co-curricular activities. To achieve this purpose while we are giving modern education, we are also informing our students regarding our heritage, our culture, our sanskriti and our sanskar. Our purpose is to produce Leaders of tomorrow.
S. Maninderjit Singh Sikka  
Director Message

In the present global scenario of expanding opportunities and intensity of competition, schooling years are becoming more burdensome for the children achievements override the enjoyment of wonder years of childhood. all of us, as parents and teachers must do our best to alleviate this scenario for our young children. let us focus on the development of the learning attitudes and aptitudes of our students. Every child is special.

We have to focus on the holistic development of each one of them. Firm character foundation, strong value system and positive attitude will pave the way of the successful future rather than mere grade achievements in the younger years. Accordingly this school focuses on the balanced and rounded growth of a child's personality. while forming firm academic foundation, we aspire to build our students as fine citizens of tomorrow who are globally competent. I congratulate the principal and teaching faculty of Jalandhar Public School for a great academic year.

Dr. Simaljit Kaur  
Principal Message

Mrs. Surinder Kaur
The most critical decision of a parent has to take, lies in his/her choice of a school. We at Jalandhar Public School believe that the child who enters and then walks out of the portals of this institutions should have gone through experience which allow for a journey of self- discovery; creatively returned to the development of his/her overall personality towards the achievement of their fullest potential.

At a time when the world is shrining and the fast paced technology threatens to envelope and a times overwhelm us, It is essential to provide an experience which will impart holistic education and inculcate the skills that make the student proficient in applying this knowledge to some of their real life problems and at the same time become useful and responsible citizens of this global world. We do not burden the students with extensive academic syllabi but encourage them to explore, acquire and apply knowledge in innovative ways.

The school is known for galvanizing them with the ability to excel in future academic endeavors. We pride ourselves in our ability to install in each student self-reliance and an awareness to enable them to work through life's challenge. The school hopes to prepare healthy, responsible and informed citizens who will play an active role in improving and contributing positively to the world they will inherit.